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Here is a basic Skyrim Strategy Guide for a player new to Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.  The game itself offers some tutorial lessons at the beginning for the new player, but it is also beneficial to have an idea of how to handle leveling up your own character, how to explore the world of Skyrim, and how to handle combat efficiently.

Leveling up your character is an important part of the game.  As you grow stronger, the characters in the environment will grow stronger as well, so you do not want to allow your character to become unbalanced, as you will expose weaknesses that the enemies may be able to take advantage of.  If you just gain magic levels, you may find that the enemies grow in level too and they are too powerful for your weak attack abilities or defense.

In Skyrim you will have a number of skills – at least 18 have been confirmed so far (looking at the Skyrim Strategy Guide) – that you can improve upon.  These include things like your ability to use bladed weapons, your running speed, and your ability to cast magic.  As you get better at each of these skills, they will raise the overall level of your character and your stats.  By making sure you are focusing on several stats at once, you will grow at a balanced, manageable pace.

Skyrim Strategy Guide

As you explore the world, you may run into enemies that are simply too powerful for you to handle.  Unfortunately, these enemies will pursue you and may ultimately kill you if you aren’t careful.  Stick with the main roads to start, and only explore into the countryside once you have gained a few levels.  Fellow travelers on these roads will assist you if you are attacked, and you will always know exactly which way to go to get to safety.  The story will let you know when you need to go off the beaten path, and don’t do so unless you are ready to defend yourself.

As for combat, try to fight as few enemies at once as you can.  The game will not let you save if you are in combat mode, so you may accidentally lose progress if you are killed.  By taking enemies one at a time you can give them your full attention, to help keep you alive.

Skyrim Strategy Guide Summary

In games like Skyrim, you can quickly bite off more than you can chew.  A good Skyrim Strategy Guide will keep you on the right path, but general rules apply as well.  Level yourself evenly, try to fight one enemy at a time, and do not stray off the beaten path unless you know what you are doing or you are powerful enough to defend yourself.