Skyrim Races – Have you heard of Skyrim Races?

Have you heard of Skyrim races? Skyrim is a diverse place populated with many races. For players familiar with the Elder Scroll Series, these Skyrim races will be familiar. Even for players experienced in the franchise, the races of Skyrim handle differently than in previous titles. Each race has a unique power that can be activated once per day as well as special inherent abilities.

At the beginning of the game, during the character creation process, the player must select a race. Each of the Skyrim races’ unique set of abilities and powers can have serious impact on gameplay, how NPC’s react to the player, how combat and abilities evolve, even character height, so it is important to choose a race that fits the chosen play style. Here is a quick breakdown.

Altmer – These are one of the popular Skyrim races. Natives of Summerset Isle, they make great mages. The get a boost to magika, have the race-specific Highborn Power, begin the game with the Fury spell and they get bonuses to all magika related skills.

Argonian – Natives of Black Marsh, these are Tamriel’s reptile people. The Skyrim races are disease resistant, have the unique Histskin power and can breathe under water. They make excellent thieves with skill bonuses to Lockpicking, Pickpocket and more.

Bosmer – Valenwood natives, these are the Wood Elves. The Skyrim races are resistant to disease and poison. They have the unique ability to command animals. They receive bonuses to skills like Archery and Light Armor.

Breton – Natives of Highrock. Bretons are resistant to magika. The Skyrim races have the race-specific Dragonskin power. The begin the game with the ability to cast the Conjure Familiar spell. They receive bonuses to magika related skills and Speech.

Dunmer – These are the Dark Elves of Morrowind. The Skyrim races are resistant to fire. They begin the game with the Ancestor’s Wrath Power and the Sparks spell. The enjoy bonuses to magika skills as well as Light Armor and Sneak.

Imperial – Natives of Cyrodiil. The Skyrim races have Imperial Luck, the power to use the Voice of the Emperor. They receive a mix of combat and magika related skill bonuses.

Khajiit – From the province of Elsweyr, these Skyrim races are the feline people of Tamriel. They can do damage with their claws, they can see in the dark and they make great stealth based characters. The enjoy bonuses to Sneak, Lock-picking and Archery.

Nord – Skyrim’s native race. The Skyrim races are hearty and resistant to frost. The have the unique Battlecry power. They make great warriors with skill boosts to Two-handed, Block and Smithing among others.

Orc – Natives of Orsinium. The Skyrim races make strong warriors, can use the unique Berserker Rage power and are amped up in battle related skills.

Redguard – Native to Hammerfell. The Skyrim races make great battle-mages or warriors who like to use the Destruction skill. They have the Adrenaline rush power and enjoy skill boosts to One-handed, Destruction and Block to name a few.