Our myVegas Chips story

Hi myVegas funs!
What is with the royal rose bonus game? Iive gotten it about 8 times and the multiplier never changes. It is always 1X and that isn’t a multiplier at all.

Is anyone else having problems with the new update? I no longer am able to collect the chips from the emails. It opens the app but does not award the chips. Also I cannot exit and close out the app anymore. Highly annoying and aggravating!

MyVegas new app

The new app has become worthless. I cannot get it to load at all, it will not make it past the home screen.
There is SO MUCH GARBAGE running in the background of this app ,it makes it just crash. No device on this Earth can handle this.
I have been completely ignored by your support Dept.
I will file for a full refund via Google play and dispute CC charges
I don’t know why you felt the need to change something that was ok already. But even more upsetting is the fact I was simply ignored when asking for a resolution..

We need chips for the new app update. It’s terrible and only ever takes chips. The sending of chips to friends never works and you never get to collect from friends either because there is a glitch in the new app. Highly disappointed!

I don’t know how to report it but there’s a glitch on the Excalibur Game on The mobile platform. If you win on the same line you also win a bonus- down in the bottom corner where it tells you your win total- it also tells you what your total win will be in the bonus. But I also tried the new myvegas free chips offers codes and they are working like a charm! I generated more than 50,000 free coins and only in 24h. I love it 🙂

Autolock myVegas spin update

I don’t know why you Lock people into the auto spin.. I accidentally hit it and it wiped me out…. Because of course you set it up to bet maximum….. How infuriating…. Makes me not want to play anymore…… You guys are so tight with the free chips postings…. Not to mention the large amount of malfunctions when it comes to payouts….its funny how it never malfunctions to our advantage….

Jennys myVegas suggestion

This morning I was reading everybody posts were saying don’t bother playing they gave us extra points and all of the slots are not paying off Exedra exedra so I almost didn’t play and believe you me I am NOT a lucky person! But I played off and on today and tonight and I’ve been winning big all the time and so I say go for it! I like the new game! I just won’t be going to Vegas so I really don’t care about the rewards! I wish people like me could change them in for points or something? just a suggestion their MyVegas!!!

More problems to go…

What the heck is this new version? It’s horrible it’s like so 1980 it’s like an old version. It’s not in tune with the sound the whole thing is like if a child was the one who upgraded but instead down graded horrible bring the other one back and fire who ever thought the graphics on this was great horrible graphics HORRIBLE !