Skyrim Leveling Guide For The New Player

The Elder Scrolls games have always had innovative and fun methods of leveling up the main character, and Skyrim will be no different.  The last game in the series, Oblivion, was fairly different in that you chose a class and skills that would determine your strengths and weaknesses.  The Skyrim Leveling Guide will show that the new game will take a different approach.

Unlike in Oblivion, you are not going to have to choose a class at the beginning in order to move through the game.  Instead, your character is going to start as a blank slate that will improve in different techniques as you progress.  In other words, if you decide to use a one-handed sword as your main weapon, you will see your character increase in ability with that weapon, regardless of the choices you made before.  This gives you the chance of personalizing your character to a great degree.

Skills to be obtained with a Skyrim Leveling Guide

As your skills improve, so will your level, which will increase your overall health, magic, and stamina, the main stats of your character.  So by increasing these smaller skills, you will see the larger ones improve as well.  Small improvements add to the larger ones, the way the former Elder Scrolls games worked.

Elder Scrolls has always had many different skills for you to work on.  Oblivion had 21 skills that you could put time and attention into, and Skyrim so far has confirmed at least 18.  Oblivion also had each skill feed into a specific stat for your character.  The skill of Hand to Hand combat, for instance, would help raise your overall strength.  Skyrim will most likely work in this same way.

From the details that have leaked from Bethesda Studios, it seems they are currently planning on making it relatively easy to make it to level 50 in the game, after which levels become much more difficult and time consuming to grow into.  They expect that most players will not reach level 50 or go beyond it, so getting to this point will be the bulk of your leveling up experiences in the game.

Much like Fallout 3, another Bethesda game, there will be perks built into the game.  For example, you may gain a level and have the opportunity to get a bonus in your ability to use a dagger in stealth mode.  These perks were in place in a sense with Oblivion, but will be more up front and customizable, again similar to Fallout 3.  The system was a success in that game, and Bethesda expects it to work equally well here.

Skyrim Leveling Guide Summary

These are the basics for any Skyrim Leveling Guide.  Expect more details to emerge as the game approaches its November 2011 release date.